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Dressage Ramona, CA

Like human athletes, a dressage horse has special nutritional needs. It's important for the diet of riding horses to match their activity and athletic level. This way, they can be and perform at their best in every situation.

Elk Grove Milling is your trusted source for high-quality horse and animal feed products. No matter the type of your horse, we're confident we'll have something for you from our wide product selection. Learn about dressage here.

Tips on Caring for and Feeding a Dressage Horse

Determine if your horse engages in anaerobic or aerobic exercises.

Understanding the type of exercise that your horse frequently performs will help you identify the right feed product for it. Keep in mind: Activities are often not purely anaerobic and aerobic. The goal is to identify what your horse does more frequently. From there, you can decide the best energy source for your animal from which it can draw the most fuel.

Don't let forages fall flat.

Equestrians usually demand more from their horses than what would be required of ones in nature. For this reason, supplemental nutrients and energy are extremely necessary to sustain the top-level performance of a dressage horse. 

A feed that's designed to support heavy workload will be able to provide enough soluble carbohydrates and fats to maintain the necessary fuel storage of a dressage horse for performance.

Remember that electrolytes are essential.

In general, horses need free-choice salt, but a dressage horse has additional mineral requirements. Any time a horse performs and sweats, it should be fed as directed and given an electrolyte supplement.

Time the feed properly.

Before an extensive event, a horse for riding shouldn't be fed a large meal. That's because it can have an adverse effect on the performance of the horse. The blood becomes used for digestion instead of being readily available to the muscle tissue.

Consider feeding your horse small amounts of hay throughout the day. Forages may not pose or produce the same challenges or effects that a concentrated feed does. Feeding a performance horse frequently in small servings is better than giving it one or two large meals a day.

Elk Grove Milling – Your Local Supplier of Industry-Leading Feeds

At our company, we strive to reach a simple goal: promoting your horse’s wellness, happiness, and health. We have been providing local homeowners with quality horse and animal feed since 1982. In fact, many have placed their trust in our product for years. 

Our Pellet Mill is nestled in the heart of horse country, just a few minutes away from Elk Grove. We continue to maintain our original commitment to deliver a product that cannot be matched by any other animal feed on the market. When you purchase from us, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be getting the most value for your money.

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Are you caring for dressage horses? Give them the nutrition they need through our top-notch horse feed products, which are recommended by veterinarians and farriers alike. Our horse and animal products also come in bulk feed tanks. Click here to learn more about us.

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