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Feed Ramona, CA

Ramona’s equine population is on the rise. While driving around town, you might notice that there are more feed stores than grocery stores. Obviously, horses are important to Ramona residents who are mostly equine owners. Learn about animal feed here.

If you are among them, you know very well that overall horse care is very important. Here’s a quick guide to when, how, and what to feed your horse.

When to Feed Your Horse

Horses are creatures of habit. There must be a regular schedule in feeding them, and you must serve their meals at the same time each day. Changing routines can annoy horses and can lead to colic for those who are prone to it.

How to Feed Your Horse

Since horses thrive on routine, it is also important to give them feeds that are measured accurately and consistently. You may use a kitchen scale or your feed store’s scale to measure your horse’s feed. Your decision on how much your horse needs to eat must depend on its size and the amount of work it does. With that said, changing your horse’s workload would also mean adjusting its feed ration.

What to Feed Your Horse

It’s a common practice that horses are fed with roughage instead of commercial feeds. However, Elk Grove Milling’s Stable Mix contains almond hulls. They are a form of super fiber that could supplement your horse’s calorie needs better than roughage and safer than grains. Veterinarians and farriers recommend our Stable Mix products so you can be assured of their quality and nutritional value. 

Tend Your Horse the EGM Way

Your horse specialist, Elk Grove Milling, wants to provide your equine with health, wellness, and happiness it deserves. We offer Ramona, CA horse owners high-quality feeds that could meet horses’ daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Our company has been producing complete animal feeds since 1982.

Get in Touch With Us

Visit one of our dealer partners to purchase horse and livestock feeds. Click here for our dealer locater. Or come by our mill in Elk Grove, CA. You may also contact us to place your orders.