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Foal Hesperia, CA

Before your equine becomes a strong steed, it is first a foal. Foals are in their mothers’ bellies longer than humans. Broodmares, like human mothers, are protective of their babies and tend to be more aggressive even to their owners. Most mares can also give birth to their babies on their own. However, it is better for you to keep track of the birth progress to learn if the mare needs help.

Keeping the babies and their broodmares healthy is critical. Companies who have been producing feeds for years, such as Elk Grove Milling, can help keep your lactating mares healthy. Ultra Mate, our product, should be given to broodmares so they can get the vitamins and minerals they need to produce good milk.  Learn about foals here.

Phases of a Horse’s Life

Horses have to be taken care of properly before you can ride them. Eventually, the foal will develop into a full-grown horse, but not before it has gone through several phases.

  • Foal

Foals are baby horses from six months to one year. This is the most delicate phase for horses because at this stage, the foal still needs its mother, drinks its mother’s milk, and tags along wherever the mare is. The broodmare, along with its newborn, will spend its time in the pasture with other mares and their babies.

The newborns will be nursed by their mother, and they will drink about 15 liters of milk every day. After around three to six months, the foals start to wean or stop feeding from mothers. These baby horses need phosphorus, calories, calcium, and high-quality proteins to help with their growth. The foals can start to eat small amounts of baby feed two months after birth.

At this age, weanlings’ weight typically becomes half to three-fourths their expected adult weight. Owners tend to overfeed their horses, but weanlings should gain only about a pound a day. Regular exercise is also needed to strengthen their muscles. 

  • Yearlings

Horses that are one to two years of age and are independent of their mothers are called yearlings. In this phase, they are castrated or gelded for them to be easier to handle. Only a few stallions are left to breed with mares.

Proper nutrition is important because this stage is when they start to mature. This is the best time to train yearlings to do some basic skills like standing still while bathing and getting used to grooming. However, this is not the optimal time to ride them, as their bones are still not that strong to carry heavy things.

  • Adolescence

Colts’ and fillies’ growth starts to slow down from three to four years of age. However, they only stop maturing when they are five years old. Their adolescence years are the best time to start training them to be a sport horse because at this age, they easily learn.

  • Adulthood

Horses become full-grown at the age of 5, and from there, their adulthood lasts until they’re 15 years old. In their adulthood, female horses are called mares, while male horses are referred to as geldings or stallions. They are at their peak, and they start working as a sport horse for a farm or as a leisure horse. 

Keep Your Horse Healthy

Taking care of a horse is generally expensive and requires a lot of effort. There are three important things to consider when taking care of your equine, which are:

  • Shelter

Horses should be protected from extreme heat, rain, and wind. A horse also typically lives with a herd, so it should have a companion. Living alone can cause your equine to be sad and stressed. If you cannot afford another horse, you can house a friend’s horse or try boarding. 

A spacious environment is needed for your horse to be able to run around and exercise. Wide stables are preferred, but keep in mind that they can be hard to maintain. Cleaning the stable also prevents your horse from having an illness or disease.

  • Health

Horses need annual checkups to help them stay in good shape. Also, to keep your equine’s teeth strong, dental checkups should be done periodically. Regular deworming should be arranged to avoid parasites. For weanlings, an initial vaccination should be given on their eighth month and then annually to prevent diseases like influenza and West Nile virus.

Taking care of your horse’s hooves is essential, so have them trimmed every six to eight weeks. Monitoring your horse’s weight is also a good habit so you can make sure that its joints, ligaments, and bones are in a healthy state. If there are health problems, it is best to call a veterinarian.

  • Feed and Water

Your horse needs balanced nutrition and lots of water. A horse needs 25 to 45 liters of clean water a day, more in hot weather. There is a chance that the horse would tip off a bucket, so self-filling troughs are the most suitable.

A horse’s required quantity of feed depends on its weight. Horses that weigh 1000 to 1200 lbs. need 16 to 18 lbs. of roughage or forage daily. For them to be strong and healthily work every day, they need the best hay and feed. 

The Most Suitable Feed for Your Horses

To help ensure that your horse is at its healthiest, give it complete pellet feed. Stable Mix has everything your equine needs, from vitamins to minerals. In fact, most veterinarians and farriers recommend our product. Here are the different types of our Stable Mix:

  • Stable Mix

Stable Mix pellets contain enough fiber and can be a substitute for some forage when fed as instructed. It has almond hulls, which give more calories than hay. 

  • Stable Mix With Glucosamine and Chondroitin

The glucosamine added to Stable Mix helps with the synthesis of collagen and glucosaminoglycans. This feed is beneficial to horses with arthritis or ones that are developing it.

  • Stable Mix Lite

For a low-starch and -sugar diet, choose Stable Mix Lite. This formula has the daily vitamins and minerals needed by your equine. Stable Mix Lit is naturally low in sugar with no corn or molasses. Also, the rice bran will be good for your horse’s coat and the biotin for healthy hoof growth.

  • Senior Stable Mix

For your senior horses that have difficulty absorbing proteins and minerals, Senior Stable Mix has 13.5% crude protein and Zinpro’s premier organic performance minerals. The pellets are easily digestible and a safer form of energy than grains. 

  • Senior Stable Mix With Glucosamine and Chondroitin

These pellets are recommended to provide support for joints and cartilage. Aside from the benefits that Senior Stable Mix provides, the added glucosamine helps with the synthesis of collagen and glucosaminoglycans found in joint cartilage. This prevents further deterioration of the cartilage. 

  • Sport Horse Mix With Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Sport Horse Mix supports horses that are active daily. It provides amino acid glutamine, which helps heal gut tissues. The biotin, rice bran, and copra meal in the feed help promote hoof health and provide more energy to your horse’s body.

  • Get Go

For the optimal growth and development of weanlings within 18 months, Get Go is a great option. This formula contains minerals needed for the health of these young horses. The pelleted feed promotes bone development, hoof growth, coat condition, immune responses, and proper joint development. 

  • Ultra Mate

This can be given to horses that join competitions or ones that need to gain more weight. The feed is also best for lactating mares because it promotes milk development. 

Turn to the Expert in Horse Feed

Elk Grove Milling has been making high-quality horse feed since 1982. Our company’s aim is to provide products that are better than other horse feeds on the market. We provide quality horse feed and accept bulk feed tank orders. If you’re looking for feeds recommended by veterinarians and farriers, purchase Elk Grove Milling’s Stable Mix feed. Click here to meet our stable mix team.