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Thank you for your interest in Stable Mix™ and Elk Grove Milling, Inc. We invite you to visit our mill and feed store located just outside of Elk Grove at:

8320 Eschinger Road
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Elk Grove Milling business hours:

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Horse Feed Hemet, CA

Whether you’re keeping a horse for competitive sport or as a pet in Hemet, CA, he deserves the best care from you. One way to care for him is to give him the right feed, the right way. Learn about equine nutrition here. Here are some tips for making sure he is well-nourished.

  • Give him the right amount of feed. Too much may result in laminitis, a foot disease that causes lameness and hoof infection. Too little may make him emaciated and weak, especially if he’s a senior or of the working kind. 
  • Consider his age, weight, work, and growth. In connection to the first tip, take note of these factors so you can find the right diet for him. Different formulas are made to suit each age, weight, work, and growth group. In addition, weigh portions of his meal and calculate them by his body weight so he gets the same amount of feed every time.
  • Have him on a regular eating routine. Your horse is a creature of habit like others of his kind. A sudden change in his mealtimes can cause colic, especially if his stomach is sensitive. Establish a regular routine in giving him feed. If you need to make changes to his eating routine, do it gradually. Another way to prevent colic is to give him his meal a few hours before having him exercise.

 Like you, we are passionate about making sure the dietary needs of your horse are met for him to stay strong and healthy. Get the right nourishment for him only from Elk Grove Milling. Click here to learn more about us.