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Horses Temecula, CA

When it comes to horse feed, the options available can sometimes be overwhelming. With the horse feeding cart looking like a salad bar, figuring out the best product for your equine in Temecula means doing your research. That is where we can help. Learn more about horses here.

At Elk Grove Milling, we are dedicated to the health, wellness, and happiness of your animals. Our team does whatever is possible to help develop innovations in the feed and pelleting world. In fact, our feed products have become standards in the industry, recommended by veterinarians and farriers alike.

How to Feed Horses Wisely

Determine the nutrient requirements of your horse by its age.

Young horses from birth to two years old require nutrition that is driven by growth. They also need a type of feed that contains more vitamins and mineral than usual.

If your horse is older or can be considered "senior," then it will need a different diet. Older horses need a feed that is highly digestible, easy to chew, and high in fiber as well as nutrients. Their recommended feed is often pelleted and soaked in water for easy consumption.

Identify the right feed for your horse through its physiological stage.

The physiological stage of your equine is also important. Is the horse pregnant, growing, or a stallion? The answer to that should influence the specific diet and nutrition that you give your horse.

Consider the medical condition of your animal if it has any.

Horses can have medical conditions, such as obesity, insulin resistance, and allergies. If your horse has any of these, consult a Temecula equine professional about its diet. A professional can help make sure that your equine is getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and to perform.

Monitor closely the body weight and physical condition of your animal.

A significant part of making the right feed choice is the Body Condition Scoring tool. It is a scoring system that uses a scale between one to nine, where one means “very thin” and nine is “obese.” This number can change frequently depending on the activity of your equine. Once you learn the overall body condition and required nutrition of your animal, picking the right feed should be a little easier.

Always have quality forage available to your equine.

Forage is the backbone of all equine nutrition plans. Think of it as the staple feed and last piece of supplementation that your animals need to survive and thrive. Stable Mix is a complete forage-based feed containing all the vitamins and nutrients your horse needs.

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