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Low Carb Feed Norco, CA

Owners and breeders of horses in California understand the importance of providing them with well-balanced feeds. In fact, the quality of a CA horse’s feed plays a critical role in both its health and overall performance. Thus, you should be wary of buying low-quality feeds in California, as that would be detrimental to the physical state of your horses.

Elk Grove Milling is a California-based company that offers a wide range of products, such as exceptionally formulated feeds. We have a diverse selection of feeds that are specifically made for chickens, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and of course, horses. If you turn to us for your horses’ feeding needs, we’ll show you why we are one of California’s preferred suppliers of horse feed. Learn about low carb feed for your horse here.

Elk Grove Milling: A Leading Horse and Animal Feed Supplier in California

Since 1982, Elk Grove Milling has established a reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of horse and animal feed throughout CA. Many horse owners and breeders have seen the advantage our feeds have over those offered by other Norco feed suppliers.

Mediocrity is definitely not in our vocabulary, as we constantly strive to produce the best possible feed products available in the California market. All of our feeds are specifically formulated to provide the optimal amount of nutrition your horses need. Why take a risk with other CA feed suppliers when you can go with a trusted name in Elk Grove Milling?

Revolutionizing the Standards of Horse Feeds With a Low Carb Alternative

The science behind formulating horse feeds is continuously evolving, and we make sure to keep up with the latest developments. One interesting finding in the past is the amazing effect of low carb feed on horses. Given this, we have developed a special kind of feed for customers who want their horses to be on a low carb diet.

Elk Grove Milling’s Stable Mix Lite™ is a horse feed that is made using a predominantly low carb formula. It has proven to be far superior to other low carb feeds available on the California market, and we strongly encourage you to let your horses reap the benefits of this amazing product.

The Danger of Having an Excessive Amount of Carbs in Your Horse Feed

Horses that consume too many carbs could experience health complications—a huge reason why you should give them feeds that have low carb content. If your horses eat a large number of carbs, particularly sugar and starch, their digestive systems are at risk of being overwhelmed.

The exponential increase of fermentation caused by the carbs could ultimately result in colic and laminitis. In order to prevent this from happening, ensure that your horses only eat a low carb feed that is packed with all the necessary nutrients. For best results, choose the low carb feed that has consistently delivered positive results, Stable Mix Lite™.

A Comprehensive Overview of Stable Mix Lite™, Our Patented Low Carb Feed  

A Complete, Forage-Based Pelleted Feed That Is Low on Carbs

Stable Mix Lite™ has a low amount of sugar and starch—carbs that could compromise the well-being of your horses if they eat too much of it. This superb feed contains a broad array of all the recommended vitamins and minerals for horses. In addition, this feed is 100% certified free of weed.

Our low carb feed does not contain corn or molasses. On top of that, it has rice bran for your horses’ coats as well as biotin—a beneficial substance that promotes healthy hoof growth. Best of all, Stable Mix Lite™ has a significantly lower amount of carbs than other similar products out there.

A Delicious and Nutritionally Balanced Feed for Horses

Whether you are a veterinarian or horse owner, you can’t go wrong with Stable Mix Lite™, an innovative, well-balanced, and low carb feed. It contains both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients as well as trace minerals, specifically copper, zinc, cobalt, and manganese.

Stable Mix Lite™ provides horses with multiple benefits, such as enhanced bone development, a stronger immune system, improved hoof growth, as well as feed digestibility. Other feeds do not provide all of these benefits, and that is why you should turn to Elk Grove Milling for all of your horse feeding needs.

Powered by Zinpro Performance Minerals

Stable Mix Lite™ contains all the nutrients that horses need, that it is not necessary to supplement the feed with additional vitamins and minerals. In addition to the basic nutrients, this fantastic, low carb feed also has Zinpro performance minerals that are ideal for horses. 

Every pound of Stable Mix Lite™ contains 425 mg of Zinpro 4 Plex C and 115 mg of Zinpro 120. If you wish to learn more about what our low carb feed contains, feel free to reach out to Elk Grove Milling. 

Stable Mix Lite™ Feeding Directions and Best Practices

  • Feed one-and-a-half to two pounds of Stable Mix Lite™ for every 100 pounds of the horse’s body weight every day.
  • You may adjust the quantity of the low carb feed depending on the physical condition of the horse as well as the intensity of its daily activity level.
  • Make sure that your horses have access to clean water at all times.
  • Always store the low carb feed in a cool and dry place where it will not accumulate molds or become infested by pests.

Additional Information About Stable Mix Lite™

Is it necessary to add hay to Stable Mix Lite™?

The biggest advantage of our premium low carb feed is that it serves as a complete and perfectly balanced ration for horses. Given that Stable Mix Lite™ comes in the form of pellets, horses have an easier time absorbing and digesting the nutrients they need on a daily basis. In the event you want to mix hay with Stable Mix Lite™, we have a feed calculator that determines approximately how many pounds of pellets you should combine with the hay. 

Can Stable Mix Lite™ be used as a supplement?

Feeding horses with limited quantities of this product may result in them receiving inadequate nutrition. Thus, we recommend that you stick to our feeding instructions as closely as possible. Elk Grove Milling truly cares about horses and animals, and we hope that horse owners in California regularly provide them with an adequate amount of feed.

Can other animals eat Stable Mix Lite™?

Apart from horses, you can also feed goats and cattle with Stable Mix Lite™. However, please remember not to feed this product to sheep, as its copper levels could prove to be too toxic for them.

What is Stable Mix Lite™ made of?

This product contains a large mix of forage hay because its purpose is to replace the hay that horses normally consume. It also contains easily fermentable fiber that comes in the form of almond hulls. In addition, Stable Mix Lite™ has a soybean meal that takes care of your horses’ protein/essential amino acid needs. Finally, this feed has Zinpro, organic minerals that are backed by multiple, legitimate research trials.

Enhance the Overall Health of Your Horses With Elk Grove Milling’s Low Carb Feed

Give your horses a steady dose of protein, fat, fiber, calcium, and other essential nutrients with Stable Mix Lite™, our tried-and-tested low carb feed. Loaded with a generous amount of performance minerals, this excellent low carb feed has been increasingly popular among dedicated horse owners in California. 

Although there are a lot of feed options in the Norco area, Elk Grove Milling has proven to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Reach out to us today to place an order or click here if you wish to learn more about our outstanding feed products.