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Low NSC Feed Hemet, CA

All horses need to have the right amount of nutrients, regardless of their type or age. However, a horse’s diet may differ as to their metabolic needs. If you own a horse that is metabolically challenged, you must provide it with a diet mixed with a concentrate that has vitamins, minerals, and low in sugar and starch. In supplying it with this diet, you are helping your horse to have a healthy digestive system in order not to acquire illnesses.

Choosing the right concentrate that is low in sugar and starch is challenging because not all horse concentrates are the same. You might jeopardize your horse’s health if you feed it with a concentrate that has inappropriate amounts of sugar and starch. Elk Grove Milling has the answer to your horse concentrate needs. Our horse concentrates contain an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals for your horse’s nutritional needs. Learn about low NCS feed here.

About NSC Concentrates

NSC stands for non-structural carbohydrates. A concentrate labeled with NSC means that the feed contains natural sugars and starches. Non-structural carbohydrate feeds contain fructose, glucose, and starches that can be easily ingested in your horse’s digestive system. 

These sugars and starches, when digested, are converted into energy that is used for bodily functions. However, a diet that constitutes very high or low levels of non-structural carbohydrates could have negative effects on your horse’s health. It can also affect its behavior toward its environment. 

What Happens If Your Horse Ingests High or Low Amounts of NSC?

It is necessary to monitor what feed you provide to your horse. If you feed your horse a meal that contains the highest NSC concentrates, it may lead to some metabolic complications. On the other hand, a meal containing the lowest amount of NSC concentrates might leave your horse weak and unhealthy. 

Always remember to provide a diet that is low on non-structural carbohydrates if your horse is metabolically challenged. A meal mixed with the right amount of low NSC concentrate should give your horse a well-balanced diet. 

About Low NSC Concentrates

A low NSC concentrate is manufactured with NSC ingredients while having the appropriate minerals. A low non-structural carbohydrate concentrate gives horses with metabolic conditions immunity from horse-related diseases such as laminitis, colic, etc. Adding a concentrate that is low in NSC on your horse’s meals will be beneficial to its overall health.

What Constitutes a Low NSC Concentrate?

A low NSC feed contains the least amount of sugars and starches. This quantity in non-structural carbohydrates is ideal to feed your horse to prevent it from getting overweight and constipated. Also, low NSC feeds have fiber. Fiber is an additional source of energy for horses and it can improve their metabolism—digesting feed effectively.   

Aside from these, a concentrate with low non-structural carbohydrates has also minerals that can supplement your horse’s growth and development. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, and Cobalt are a few minerals that can aid in bone growth, provide immunity, and strengthen your horse’s digestive system. 

Horse-Related Diseases That a Low NSC Diet Could Prevent

Horses have some very complex diseases that affect their bodies in different ways. For metabolically challenged horses, they need a meal that is high in fiber and low on sugar and starch. Here are a few diseases that a low NSC diet could prevent.


This is a condition where a horse’s laminae become inflamed. The laminae is a connective tissue in horses that allows the coffin bone and the hoof wall to be interconnected. When the laminae is inflamed, the horse’s hooves will eventually detach from the foot of the horse.

Even though this is a foot condition, a horse’s diet is one of the few factors that can contribute to Laminitis. If you frequently provide your horse with different types of feed, expect that your horse will be affected with Laminitis.

Controlling your horse’s NSC feed intake should prevent Laminitis from ever happening. Feeding it with a concentrate that is low on non-structural carbohydrates can regulate insulin levels in its bloodstream—preventing Laminitis. 


Colic is a sharp pain in a horse’s abdomen and it comes in episodes. Veterinary experts have identified several root causes of why colic is present in horses. One reason for this is an imbalanced diet. You should refrain from feeding your horse too much in a day.

If your horse consumes a lot of meals in a day, it will have a hard time digesting its feed. When feed is not properly absorbed inside its digestive tract, it will be stuck in the colon. This will invite parasitic organisms which can harm the intestine and cecum. The best thing you can do is to let your horse get accustomed to a fiber-rich diet.

Obesity in Horses

Obesity is also a problem for horses. They can get overweight if you only provide feed rich in fats. Lack of exercise can also affect a horse’s physique—restricting its mobility.

Aside from this, obesity can lead to other health problems for horses like metabolic syndrome, joint and bone problems, insulin resistance, etc. An overweight horse can have a short life expectancy.       

You can prevent your horse from getting fat by providing a diet mixed with feeds low in NSC. You can also exercise your horse and measure the amount of its feed ration to conform to its current body weight.

Elk Grove Milling’s Special Concentrates for Horses

Elk Grove Milling has been producing quality concentrates that are trusted by veterinarians and other horse owners for three decades now. Elk Grove Milling offers horse concentrates specially formulated for horses with digestive conditions. 

About Stable Mix Lite

Stable Mix Lite is one of Elk Grove Milling’s quality horse feeds designed for horses with special, metabolic needs. Stable Mix Lite is a complete concentrate containing low amounts of non-structural carbohydrates. It also has vitamins and minerals to help your horse fight diseases and promote optimum health.

Elk Grove Milling’s Stable Mix Lite promotes good digestion. It contains no corn or molasses and has prebiotic and probiotic feed ingredients to help your horse properly absorb nutrients. 

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