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Nutrena Feed Hemet, CA

Choosing the right feed for your horse can be confusing. That's because there's no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to horse feeds. Fortunately, you don't have to search far and wide for high-quality animal feed.

Elk Grove Milling is your trusted source for top-tier horse and animal feed in California. Since 1982, we have been providing local homeowners with horse feed products that they can trust. In fact, our products have set the standards of the industry and are recommended by farriers and veterinarians alike. Learn about the history of Nutrena here.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Horse

As a horse owner, you want only the best for your animal, especially in terms of its nutrition. It can be hard to pick the right horse feed given the variety of animal products available. 

That said, you can make the search process easier by being well prepared and informed. Here are some of the factors to consider when finding the most appropriate feed for your animal:

Age or Life Stage of Your Horse

One of the first things to consider is the age and life stage of your horse. Are you caring for a growing, young horse or a senior one? The former will have different nutritional needs from the latter.

The bag of feeds should specify the age of the horse they're formulated for. While a young horse's food is filled with protein and minerals that promote growth, the food of senior ones has a high-fiber content and mainly aids in digestion.

Possible Health or Medical Issues of Your Horse

Keep the health and medical issues of your horse in mind when you buy feed products. The dietary requirements of a horse can be affected by health and medical conditions, such as allergies, kidney problems, laminitis, insulin resistance, Cushing's, and gastric ulcers. If your horse does have a health issue, the best course of action is to work with a trusted veterinarian in coming up with a diet plan for your horse's needs.

Activity of Your Horse

How active is your horse? The answer to this will help determine the most appropriate food for your animal. For instance, if your goal is to maintain the current condition and body weight of your horse, you may opt for maintenance feed. On the other hand, if you have a breeding horse, you can choose mare and foal feed to supplement the horse and its growing foal. Additionally, a horse that is on stall rest will have different needs from one that takes on heavy work.

Kind of Roughage Available for Your Horse

When horses are free to roam in the pasture, they can get a lot of their nutrition from there or quality hay. In this case, feed is meant to supplement a diet of roughage. This means that the amount of feed your horse needs may increase depending on its access to quality roughage. If your horse is confined to a stall, meaning they can't get quality grass during winter, you can use feed to give your animal a balanced diet.

Every horse has unique feed product needs. To identify the right diet for your horse, working with a local supplier like Elk Grove Milling is the way to go. We offer a variety of products for horses at different life stages 

What You Should Know About Horse Feeds

Feed products can be a viable dietary substitute if quality forage for your horse isn’t available. They’re also a good option for horses that can no longer digest and consume forage.

Feeds should be given at the correct rate in appropriately sized meals throughout the day for a horse’s proper nutrition. To learn how your animal’s dietary plan should look like, you can always consult our pelleting professionals. 

Your Trusted Local Supplier of Animal Feed Products

At Elk Grove Milling, we are dedicated to promoting the happiness, wellness, and health of your animal. Our team is on the cutting edge of the feed industry, continuously making innovations in the pelleting world.

In addition, we manufacture and distribute food for a variety of animals, including horses, cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep and goats. When you purchase from us, you can rest easy knowing that our feed products are formulated to meet your horse's daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

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Our Pellet Mill is nestled in the heart of horse country, just a few minutes away from the city of Elk Grove. While we have been around for many years, our commitment to providing products that can't be matched anywhere else remains. Contact us to learn more. Click here to view our FAQs.