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Pelleted Feed Norco, CA

Where can you find a city that has miles of horse trails on one side of the street? Norco has a traditional Western community, and it is known as “Horsetown U.S.A.” Protecting and preserving animal keeping rights is a lifestyle in Norco. The city prides itself on its annual equestrian events and fairs. There are equestrian parks for hiking and riding.

Tourists can enjoy “city living in a rural atmosphere,” also known as Norco’s city motto. Several businesses have hitching posts installed for equestrian customers. You can see horses walking and horse riders with their equines on horse trails traveling around the city. 

The horses and ranch animals need a healthy diet. For the complete pelleted feed, Elk Grove Milling is a trusted brand for your ranch animals. Elk Grove Milling has formulated the complete pellet feed for the different needs of your ranch family. Your horses will be healthy, and will have the energy they need for equestrian activities. Learn about pelleted feed here.

Norco’s Activities and Events

The community, centered in equestrian activities, has associations for horse riders and enthusiasts, like Norco Horsemen’s Association. Most of the big events and fairs include equestrian competitions and games. The most famous events in Norco held at George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center include:

  • Norco Horseweek

Extreme rodeo, children’s rodeo, bull riding, barrel racing, parade, and other exciting activities are available for tourists and locals. Norco’s horse riders and ranch owners join the event annually.  

  • Norco Fair

The Norco fair is the largest annual fair of the city that highlights the life of people living in Norco. It is a tradition that helps promote local products and services of the city over the Labor Day weekend.

  • National Day of American Cowboy

July 28th marks the National Day of American Cowboy. There are petting zoos, chuckwagon races, stick horse races, chariot races, pony rides, and a lot more. The highlights of the event are the competitions, such as speed barrel racing, obstacle course, and ribbon races. Equines have to be well prepared for this event.  

Prepare Your Horse for the Equestrian Activities

Most of the events in Norco are not just for horse riders and ranch owners but also for the horses. This is why it’s important to provide your horses with the right nutrients to prepare them for the activities.

Before the events, make sure to feed your horse with the premium pelleted feed. Avoid overfeeding and underfeeding because your horse has to have a proper diet and proper weight if it is going to join any of the competitions. 

The Benefits of Pellet Feed

Giving your animals pellet feed with the nutrients they need is not only convenient for you but also efficient for them. A complete feed contains roughage and grains your equine requires for a good diet. Here are reasons why you should give them pellet feed: 

  • Reduces Feed Waste

Horses do not scatter much of the feed, unlike hay that can be strewn all over the place. There would be less wasted forage.

  • Provides Balanced Nutrition

Every piece of pellet has vitamins and minerals for your equine. You can easily adjust their rations based on their daily diet. Pellets contain nutrients from hay and grains with added nourishment, and without the unnecessary hay dust and mess.

  • Increased Digestibility

The pellets can easily be broken down inside the animals’ body. Your animals can absorb the nutrients easier when you feed pellets. It is also good for aging horses to help them digest and absorb feed.

  • Easy to Store

Unlike hay that takes too much space, pellets can be stored in small spaces. Pellet can also easily be transported. When you travel with your equine, you can bring a good amount of feed with you.

The Healthy Product for Your Horse

To better prepare for equestrian events, give your horses a complete pellet feed from Elk Grove Milling. Your horse’s everyday activities dictate its everyday needs. Stable Mix products have different variants for your horse’s different dietary requirements. We offer nine varieties of Stable Mix to our customers.

  1. Stable Mix™

This complete feed has almond hulls that are a source of super fiber. The pellet feed provides more calories than hay but is safer than grains. Stable Mix provides all the essential vitamins and Zinpro Performance Minerals for your horse’s nutritional needs.

  1. Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Consider Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin if you are worried that your horse might have arthritis. Glucosamine, when orally taken, accumulates in the cartilage and signals the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). To get the benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin, your horse needs to eat 6 lb per 1,000 lb of your horse’s weight.

  1. Stable Mix Lite™

Stable Mix Low Carb formula has no molasses or corn. The pellet contains all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals for your horse’s low starch and sugar diet. The complete feed contains Alltech prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, Zinpro 4 Plex C, Zinpro 120, biotin and rice bran. It promotes healthy coat, hoof growth, immune response, digestibility, and bone development.

  1. Stable Mix Futurity™

The smaller, easy-to-chew pellet is specially formulated for developing horses in training. Futurity provides the energy that your horse needs without the extra sugar. This pellet can be soaked in water and mashed to help the young horse obtain the nutrients it needs. Additional prebiotics and probiotics support your horse’s gastrointestinal system and immune system.

  1. Senior Stable Mix™

Your senior horse needs feed that can support it in its golden years. Feed it pellets with more protein, beet pulp and almond hulls for super fiber, and rice bran. These provide a safer energy source that can help your horse digest feed and absorb the nutrients it needs. The pellets are also good for horses with Cushing’s disease or insulin-resistant horses.

  1. Senior Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Your Senior Stable Mix only got better with added glucosamine and chondroitin for senior horses with arthritis or showing signs of arthritis. Aside from the benefits your horse gets from Senior Stable Mix, these pellets also help start the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). 

  1. Sport Horse Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Horses that work need more nutrients for energy. Sports Horse Mix has copra, which gives saturated fat that adds muscle glycogen, and amino acid glutamine that support healing of gut tissue. It is also high in fiber, with all the vitamins and minerals your horse requires without the need for additional hay.

  1. Get Go™

For weanlings up to 18 months, Get Go can promote development and optimal growth. The complete feed contains minerals necessary for proper hoof growth, immune response, joint and bone development, and coat condition. The pellets can prevent epiphysitis and OCD. It is not advisable to mix it with alfalfa.

  1. Ultra Mate™

This supplement is fed to your horse with the Stable Mix. For performance horses, the complete feed can provide extra energy during competition. It can even help your horse put on weight. Additionally, the pellet increases milk development for lactating mares as well as add fat and protein to stallions during breeding season.

Choose Elk Grove Milling Products for Your Horse’s Health, Wellness, and Happiness

Pick the right nutrition for your equines, and opt for Elk Grove Milling products. The pellet feed is efficient, in that the animals can absorb the nutrients faster. Pellets are beneficial for your equines’ digestion and overall health. Your animals can be healthy and happy with Elk Grove Milling products!

Elk Grove Milling has been providing custom pelletizing and milling for more than 30 years. With products recommended by farriers and veterinarians, we offer convenient and complete pellet feeds for your horses and farm animals. We also accept bulk feed tank orders. For more details, contact us! Click here to learn more about us.