Elk Grove Milling Inc.

Every day, Elk Grove Milling strives for one goal… the Health, Wellness and Happiness of your animals. Owner, Bob Lent and his staff are on the cutting edge of the feed industry, developing innovations in the pelleting world. Producing complete animal feeds since 1982, Stable Mix™ and other Elk Grove Milling feed products have become recommended standards of the industry; recommended by farriers and veterinarians alike.

Elk Grove Milling’s mission statement: Is to manufacture and distribute high quality horse, cattle, chicken, pig and goat feeds which provide 100% of your animals' daily requirement of vitamins and minerals in a convenient pelleted feed that your animals will love.

Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix™ calculator, can help you with your daily amount of feed.

For more information or ask us any questions please contact us: customerservice@elkgrovemilling.com


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