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G.I. Stable-ez - All Stock Supplement

  • Feeding a digestive support supplement either as a daily top dress or during changes in normal routines can help stabilize your animal’s microbial populations. Changes in normal routines or periods of stress can include weaning, hauling, training, shows, illness, medications, and more.
  • A healthy gastrointestinal system not only allows for better digestion of feedstuffs but also promotes stronger immunity, helps stimulate acid removal, removes unwanted bacteria from the gut, all resulting in better overall performance of the animal. 
  • This tasty, mini-pellet won’t get lost and left at the bottom of the feed pan or can even be hand-fed as a treat. Feeding G.I. Stable-ez will also help reduce the smell of ammonia in barns. G.I. Stable-ez is also great for hard keepers or senior animals that need a little extra support.
  • G.I.Stable-ez is fed as a top dress, complimenting the Elk Grove Milling, Inc. line of complete feeds.
  • SHEEP CAUTION: Do NOT exceed the copper daily tolerance amount with total ration.