Stable Mix™ Endorsements:

Elk Grove Milling Testimonials

At Elk Grove Milling mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality horse, cattle, goat and rabbit feed which provides 100% of your animals' daily requirement of nutrients in a convenient pellet feed that animals will love. The comments below indicate we are achieving the mission. Please feel free to contact us with your comments about our products.

  • "Elk Grove Milling products keep my horses healthy and happy, which keeps me happy, too. Thanks." - Gisele F. Loomis, CA
  • "...There are several advantages to feeding pelleted feeds, especially to older horses, but one of the most important is that EGM pellets do not contain molasses, a carbohydrate, that can contribute to the development of obesity, cushings and laminitis. I strongly recommend including EGM Stable MixTM products in your horse-feeding program." - James W. Kerr, DVM
  • "After only six weeks Stable MixTM, our horses’ coats are so shiny and their colors are so intense. We have a bay that has turned more mahogany and our dappled palomino is now more gold and his dappling has a lot more definition." - Kathy Squellati Palo Cedro, CA
  • "Stable MixTM is the best product I have ever used in my forty-four years of owning horses… I just wish I had learned about your product years ago. Thank you again." - Stephanie Duncan
  • "Stable MixTM is great for us because Teddy stays relatively calm, yet retains the appropriate weight. I love the barrel packaging. The pellet feed stays clean, dry and sweet smelling. Thank you EGM!" - Margo Van Tichelt
  • "Thank you Elk Grove Milling!! Thank you for your great product.It’s made a new horse of Fancy, and a rider, once again, of me! Happy Trails!" - Sincerely, Robbin Innis
  • "We have two horses over twenty with very little tooth left and both of them maintain a great weight and very shiny coats on Stable MixTM. No one ever guesses that they are in their golden years by the looks of them. Thanks Elk Grove Milling for making such an awesome feed!" - Jesse & Ann Torrez & Sir R H Maximilian

Our Location

Thank you for your interest in Stable Mix™ and Elk Grove Milling, Inc. We invite you to visit our mill and feed store located just outside of Elk Grove at:

8320 Eschinger Road
Elk Grove, CA 95757

Toll Free: (888) 346-7649
Ph: (916) 684-2056
Fax: (916) 684-2059

Elk Grove Milling business hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED