Stable Mix Team

The Stable Mix Team is a supportive sponsorship team that engages youth exhibitors, all the way to professionals, in connecting a family atmosphere and Stable Mix brand in their aspirations for reaching new and exciting goals. The Mix Team isn't just for equines, it is a comprehensive group that represents the complete line of feeds Elk Grove Milling, Inc. manufactures and is open to anyone who loves our products. Whether you're an FFA kid raising your first heifer or a competitive equine rider, there may be a place for you on the Mix Team.

Mix Team Members help promote the Stable Mix brand and quality in their daily use of our products, promotion of Stable Mix at their events and on their social media. Nothing says more about our quality line of feeds than successful kids and adults doing what they love using our products to get the most out of their animals. We couldn't do it without you!

Mix Team members are selected for their passion for their animals, their sport and their life. Mix Team members are active in their sport, their schools and their communities.

Some perks include: Free feed, exclusive information about new products before public release, discounts on name brands in the industry (currently Best Ever and Professional's Choice), EGM swag, networking at events like the Western States Horse Expo, and more.

To keep things organized and to allow as many members as possible to experience what it's like to be part of the Mix Team, we accept applications by filling out the form below. If we feel you are Mix Team material, we will reach out with further instructions and information. We ask that you be patient as a response time can take upwards of a few months.

Thank you for your passion and faith in our feeds!

Before You Apply… We want to say "Thank You" for wanting to be a part of our team. It's competitors like you that make our job an enjoyable one!

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