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With over 30 years of custom pelletizing and milling experience, Elk Grove Milling, prides itself on being an innovator and problem solver in the pelleting industry. With the facility, knowledge and technology that Elk Grove Milling possesses, we are able to offer custom pelletizing for a variety of products for livestock or horse feeds, pet food ingredients, commodities, feed ingredients and forage products in a variety sizes.

There are several benefits to pelletizing commodities:

  • Pelletizing allows products to be available as bags, totes or super sacks and bulk.
  • Pelletizing allows the product to become more efficient and flexible.
  • There isn’t the waste associated with handling a “loose” product.
  • For example, with hay, there is a lot of waste from the haystack to the feeder. Hay in a pellet form, is denser and that waste with the “loose” product does not exist.
  • In dust free environments, pelletized products are preferred due to the cleanliness of condensed products versus “loose” products.
  • Commodities, like rice bran are more efficient and clean in a pellet form.
  • Pelletizing allows commodities to be added as ingredients without the waste and mess.

Pellets are also utilized more efficiently by animals. There's no sorting - animals eat what you feed them. Once the pellet enters the animals system, they can immediately begin utilizing the feed. They do not burn the energy in breaking feed down before it can be fully beneficial to their system.

All products are natural! No artificial colors, animal fats, antibiotics or medications are used in our facility. Ruminant meat and bone meal free. All custom milling projects must follow our feed safety guidelines with ingredients. Custom milling minimums begin at 6-8 tons. We do not offer any formulation services at this time. Please have a target Guaranteed Analysis in mind and formulation (including premix specs) with precise inclusion rates, prepared for the custom milling project. We are happy to provide references for formulators, should you need one.

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