2021 Mix Team

A supportive sponsorship team that engages youth exhibitors, all the way to professionals, in promoting a family atmosphere and brand of Stable Mix in their aspirations for reaching new goals. The Mix Team isn’t just for equines, it is a comprehensive group that represents the complete line of feeds Elk Grove Milling, Inc. manufactures. From our farms to yours, we are excited to introduce to you the new brand ambassadors behind The Mix-

Merin Bender 

My name is Merin Bender, I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. I started riding horses when I was five years old. I compete in barrel racing and pole bending. I purchased my membership card at the beginning of this year for WPRA, so throughout the year I’m earning points to get my pro-card. I compete in High School Rodeo, Triple Seven Barrel Racing Association, Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, and KK Run For Vegas. My team of horses consists of my bay mare Barely Nu You “Zeva” and my other bay mare Sensation Starlight “Star”. Everyone in my family and people close to me are very supportive of my rodeo career. Stable Mix keeps my horses looking healthy and in their best shape possible.


Merin BenderCassandra "Cassie" Blevins

My name is Cassandra Blevins. I’m a senior in high school. I own 4 beautiful mares but I’m currently competing on 2. One is my 6 year old mare “One More Legacy” and the other is my 5 year old mare “Sassy” together we compete in barrel racing and pole bending with CHSRA, WCBRA, CBR, CGA, and hoping to add more as we grow!

Sassy was a rescue horse who I got for my 16th birthday years ago to start. Stable Mix Senior helped her gain weight to become healthy and lively again. We still to this day feed stable mix senior to her and the whole barn!

Our goal this year as a team is to grow and improve as much as we can while having fun making memories!


Shelah Bolton

My name is Shelah Bolton, owner and trainer of STAR K Equestrian. What an honor to be selected for the 2021 Stable Mix team! Horses have been a passion and a true love of mine since I was a little girl. I may not have been born into a horse or ranching family, though as I grew up we sure did become one. I’m sure my begging and pleading every single day for a horse of my own so I wouldn’t have to sit on the neighbors fence feeding treats and petting their horses soft noses. Long story short, I did end up having several horses as a child. My parents made sure to get me in with some of the best trainers. As time went on, I grew up working for some of the world’s best trainers. I worked as an equine vet tech for several years and I always had people begging me for a lesson to just teach their kids to ride. I was hesitant on hanging my shingle out there and doing so as I was of course scared to give up my armature status.

It’s been almost 10 years now that I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier with the riders who have come through my barn. We teach and coach riders from toddlers up to advanced teens and non pro amateurs. Some just want to ride for fun and others work hard to shine in the show pen. We have developed an outstanding group of show riders who compete in western pleasure, hunter under saddle and ranch/reining versatility. Of course from the time I had horses as a kid, my parents taught me feeding Stable Mix was the best and no doubt now all our amazing horses are feed it in our training barn now! STAR K Equestrian prides ourselves on well cared for Stable Mix fed horses who have no problem shinning in the show pen!!!



Olivia Clouser 

Hi! My name is Olivia Clouser, and I am a 4th year undergrad student majoring in Animal Sciences with an Equine specialization at UC Davis. I am currently one of the Co-Presidents of the UC Davis Dressage team where I have gotten the opportunity to compete in IDA (intercollegiate catch riding) shows, and helped the team achieve Reserve Champion status in 2019. 

Currently, I am working with my young Connemara x Warmblood filly to ultimately compete with her in Dressage, while also dabbling in Liberty horsemanship training. 

I have been familiar with Stable Mix products for over a decade, and after seeing how well horses do on it, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be feeding it to my own horse, too. Since being on Stable Mix, my filly has maintained weight throughout growth spurts, has a shiny coat, and her hooves are in great condition. She has never looked better!


Alea Cunningham 

Alea and her horse, LB, have been pursuing college rodeo and excelling at their journey. She was also the 2019 California Mid-State Fair champion and sealed the deal at the 2019 WCBRA Finals as Open 2D Average Champion. She qualified for College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR)!!!

She has been feeding Stable Mix to her horses for 5 years and likes how affordable it is and the quality nutrition.

Instagram: @aleataylorr  


Rilee Frates 

Hi my name is Rilee Frates. I'm currently a Freshman in college at Modesto Junior College. I compete in Junior rodeo, RD Ranch Production Barrel Racing, California Gymkhana Association, and Classic Barrel Racing. My team of consists of my big bay gelding Trojan Traveler aka Sarge, Buckskin pony Kona, my bay pony Huckleberry, and my appy pony Suncrest Maverick aka chief. My family and close friends are extremely supportive of my rodeo career. Stable Mix keeps my horses happy, healthy and strong in the arena and out of the arena.


Jacquelyn "Jack" Heinemann 

Hello Friends, My name is Jack Heinemann and I am an equine practitioner and barrel racer from Discovery Bay, CA. I have been using Stable Mix in my feeding program for almost ten years now and love that they provide quality, honest feeds for all of my horses' requirements. I couldn’t be more excited to be representing the Stable Mix team while competing with my four year old AQHA gelding RicochetPistolLena whom we so fondly call Thumper. Incorporating Stable Mix feeds into his program has already done such wonders for his health and he feels like a whole new animal going into the start of the 2021 barrel-racing and show season.

When I am not racing you can find me practicing as an Equine Shiatsu Massage Therapist. A strong focus on equine performance and wellness is of such importance to me and I am grateful that Stable Mix provides products that allow me to maintain that vitality in my horses!



Breeanna Hernandez 

Hi! My name is Breeanna Hernandez, current resident in California. I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing product. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me and my horses. When I am not competing in the barrel race world, I usually have my hands full with my son Landynn, he is the most amazing, talented young man. In order to be able to have him by my side at all times, I train and sell horses, https://spuremranch.com/. My biggest goal this year is to just stay happy, healthy, and safe! I couldn’t ask for much more. We have big plans to be on the road competing all this year! All while trying to plan me and my fiancé’s wedding in November. Stable Mix has been a huge part of my life and I cannot thank them enough for such a great product.


Rachel Kenyon 

Rachel Kenyon is 16 years old and competes in several events. She has three horses who she uses in reined cow horse, breakaway roping, goat tying, barrel racing and pole bending. Rachel competes through the National High School Rodeo Association, as well as local level associations in the state. Rachel has been riding for almost 10 years now, doing barrel racing for 5, and is excited to have added reined cow horse, breakaway roping, and goat tying in September of 2020. Rachel had a successful 2020, winning a Reserve Champion title at her first ever reining show (Fall Gold N Grand), making several 2/3D open runs on her barrel horse, Peanut, after a 6 month break from barrels to go back to basics and work on the fundamentals, as well as learning how to goat tie and rope. She has big plans for the summer, including going to her first ever CHSRA state finals which she is (unofficially) qualifying for in reined cowhorse. She is very excited to be a part of the 2021 Stable Mix Team, and represent a company she trusts in her horses feed program. 

Photographer Credit: Phil Doyle http://www.phildoylephoto.com/


Sarah Luke

My name is Sarah Luke. I was born and raised in Gilroy, Ca. I attended CSU Fresno where I studied Equine Science. Moved home in 2009 and started to really get back into the barrel pen. I barrel raced on my gelding Rocket from 2012-2016 before I retired him. 2 years later, I acquired an 18 yr old mare from a friend and started my journey in the Gymkhana pen. Nu Candy Bar aka Snick and I are currently running in AA and placed 4th in our division in 2019. 2020 was a rough year and we didn’t get to compete much but we are back in full swing for 2021. 

As well as competing, I own and operate SL Barrel Horses and SLBH Equine Bodywork. I teach barrel racing and gymkhana riding lessons in Gilroy. During 2020, I buckled down and completed my certification to become a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I have been certified since August and am working toward doing lessons and massage more full time.



Kayla Lundgren 

Kayla Lundgren first caught our eye with her Horse’s Instagram account. Her page is filled with passion and enthusiasm about her horses and showed us her go-getting attitude through pictures and video. She keeps her fans updated with the progress and success of her horses with great photos, videos and stories. She competes in multiple events such as barrel racing and gymkhana. She most recently made it to Vegas with her rescue horse Grumpy and continued to better their barrel time while competing there. We are excited to have Kayla as a part of our team.

Photographer Credit: Todd Talent


Kelsey Mendonsa 

I am Kelsey Mendonsa! I train colts and problem horses. I give them a foundation before they go off and find their specific discipline. 

I also give western riding lessons. We ride at local gymkhanas mostly! I host gymkhanas and we have so much fun doing it! 

My first experience with Stable Mix was from a gymkhana. My mare and I had placed first and won a 50lb bag! She LOVED it! We won the bag a few more times and I was hooked. 



Jessica Neves 

Hello my name is Jessica Neves and this is Freckles. I am currently 22 and I’ve been riding horses for 6 years now but I’ve grown up with a passion for horses. Freckles is a 15 year old paint mare who loves food. She is an all-around horse that loves having a job. You stick a kid on her and she becomes the most quietest and gentlest thing. I’ve had her for four years now, she’s been the best thing to ever happen to me. Every day we grow and learn so much together. She has been through many homes and has some battle scars but I am her forever home where scars fade away and because of that Stable Mix will always be in our feed. Thank you! 

Photographer Credit: @ems.equines 


Lillyan “Lilly” Oskoui

Hi I’m Lilly I’m 21 and I compete in barrel racing, pole bending, and I also do drill and Reno rodeo flag team! I own two horse, Dani, my 12 year old sorrel quarter horse and, Bambi, my Shetland pony this year we hope to accomplish so much and follow our dreams of going big time and competing in the GNR or the NFR! We can’t wait for this season and are so blessed to represent Stable Mix products!


Ruth Piper

My name is Ruth Piper. While growing up I competed showing both English & Western. I also competed in Gymkhanas & Junior rodeos. After high school I worked at the racetrack ponying horses & as an assistant trainer. In 2003 I found the sport cowboy mounted shooting & have been competing in it ever since. In the past year I won both the California state championship SL3 division & the South Pacific Regional championship SL3 division. Most recently I have moved up to the SL4 division. My main partner is Mz. Gracie a 19yr paint mare that I rescued after she was burned in a fire. Since we have partnered up we have won multiple championships & reserve championships.  We plan on competing at the California State championship in May and the Western championship in July in Las Vegas.  I’m excited for the opportunity to represent Stable Mix. 

Photographer Credit: Patti Monson


Melinda Ray

My name is Melinda Ray. I have been riding horses since I was 3, I have been competing in barrel racing and gymkhanas since I was in high school. Currently I am racing two horses Tess a Spanish mustang and JT Blue Bailey (Bailey) a 4 year old blue roan who I took from only having a 45 day start and being put back to pasture to racing in barrels and poles and placing in the 3D/4D in her rookie year. Bailey is only on her 5th race currently and has already collected a few paychecks I expect to see amazing things from her this year. Bailey is also my mounted shooting horse though we are not highly competitive at this time I hope that some time in the future we can be but for now we enjoy practicing with the club and helping teach others about the sport. I am also the owner of Double R Performance horses I sell supplements and my own personal branded clothing, I train my own horses and I enjoy helping others whether it is just learning some basic riding or helping them with barrel racing or mounted shooting, I love seeing others become successful in what they love doing. I am also the Director for the local NBHA District 08 club and will be producing several barrel races through out the year, and will also be helping produce some night races at our local arena for one of the ranch owners. I am excited to see what this year has in store for us and my fellow riders, thank you again for this opportunity. 


Photographer Credit: Gene McFerran


Jacquelynn "Jackie" Scarry

Since she started feeding Stable Mix in 2014, Jackie has enjoyed how much Elk Grove Milling’s product has helped her horses while participating in different disciplines she has tried through the years. From being on the Redding Jr Rodeo Association Drill Team when she was younger where she rode several times a week, to travelling to different rodeos across the state of California as a rodeo queen multiple times a month. Stable Mix has helped keep her horses' weight steady, energy levels up, and overall, healthy during the many stresses of travelling and competing. 

Jackie is proud to be a part of the 2021 Stable Mix Team and looks forward to promoting an amazing product and company at horse shows, rodeos, and any other horse event she attends.


Paige Thompson

Hello! My name is Paige Thompson and I am from Oakley California. I have been riding horses all my life and have competed in Team Sorting and Team Penning. I have my 3 year old gelding who is a Grandson of Playgun and this will be his first year in the show pen. This year we are focusing on the Ranch Riding and will then transition back into Team Sorting. Stable Mix has helped keep my horse happy, healthy and looking his absolute best. We look forward to what 2021 will bring us and we are so excited to be a part of the team!


Daisi Wymore

Hi there! My name is Daisi & I am an avid equestrian, equine enthusiast, and equine therapist.

Aside from rescuing and owning 8 horses of my own- I participate in rehabbing horses, rodeo queening, and having fun at different competitions. When I’m not tending to my own, I am working with other people’s horses.

My business- Western Equine Wellness is dedicated to optimizing equine health and performance. We offer quite a variety of therapies and techniques to benefit any and all equine, no matter the age, size, breed, and discipline! 

I have been so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many great people & their equine partners!  

I have been actively feeding Stable Mix for 5-6 years & I am so excited to be a part of the #StableMix team!