Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference between Stable Mix™ Pellets and other hay pellets?

Unlike regular hay pellets, Stable Mix™ contains added vitamins and minerals making it a complete, balanced ration when fed per the recommended feeding requirements. When feeding Stable Mix, there is no need to add any additional source of minerals as there would be if you were to feed a plain hay pellet.

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2. Do I need to feed hay with Stable Mix™?

No. Stable Mix™ products are a complete feed. Horses will receive all of the benefits of hay in pellet form, plus the daily required vitamins and minerals. The pellets make it easier for the horse to absorb nutrients due to the smaller (particle) size. If you want to feed grass hay, reduce the suggested pounds of pellets per day according the amount of hay being fed. Our feed calculator will help you to determine how many pounds of pellets you should feed with your hay to insure that your horse’s nutritional needs are still met. Note that feeding too little Stable Mix can result in a diet that does not provide all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that your horse requires.

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3. If I feed Stable Mix with hay, does it matter what type of hay I choose?

Stable Mix complete feeds are fortified is fortified with minerals to balance a predominantly grass hay or grain hay based diet. While grass hay is recommended, Stable Mix feeds, except for GetGo, can be fed with alfalfa if care is taken to make sure the Ca : P ratio stays balanced in the diet and excess calories (energy) provided by the alfalfa fits well with the horse’s activity level. Adequate amounts of Stable Mix need to be fed in combination with hay to ensure that all of your horse’s mineral and vitamin needs are met. Feeding too little Stable Mix may result in an unbalanced diet. GetGo™ should not be fed with alfalfa unless recommended by your veterinarian. When feeding any feeds to foals and young horses, be careful to monitor the diet closely and be sure to avoid an unbalanced Ca : P ratio or other nutritional imbalances. Excess calories and unbalanced nutrition can put your foal or young horse at risk for developmental orthopedic diseases.

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4. What is in Stable Mix Pellets?

Because our pellets are designed to replace your horse’s hay, the largest ingredient is a mix of forage-type hay. Almond hulls are included as a source of highly fermentable fiber with properties similar to beet pulp. Alfalfa provides energy and a quality amino acid profile. Rice bran provides a great source of fat, added calories, and is a natural source of biotin. All these ingredients are then balanced by a complete vitamin and mineral pack that lacks in forage alone. We utilize high quality mineral sources such as Zinpro’s 4-plex chelated minerals which are backed by many research trials. In addition to all of this, we focus on providing gut health support with Alltech solutions. You can therefore rest assured that your horse is receiving the very best nutrition when you feed Stable Mix.

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5. How do the Pellets stay together?

The pelletizing process involves mixing the ingredients together, adding steam and then forcing the product through a ¼” die to form the final pellet. They are then cooled prior to storage. This process mashes the ingredients together with enough pressure so they stay formed until the pellets are exposed to moisture.

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6. What are the benefits of Almond Hulls?

Almond Hulls provide a source of highly fermentable fiber that gets digested in the horse’s hindgut. The result is calories for your horse in a form that is safer for digestive tract health, without relying on starch.

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7. Can I use Stable Mix™ as a supplement?

While Stable Mix feeds make an ideal base for adding other products such as joint and hoof supplements, when fed in limited quantities Stable Mix will not provide your horse with all the nutritional support necessary and may result in a diet that contains nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. To receive maximum benefit from Stable Mix, you must feed it per our feeding recommendations. Use our feed calculator to find out whether you are feeding enough Stable Mix to meet your horse’s nutritional needs.

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8. How much do I feed my horse and how many times per day?

When you start to feed Stable Mix™ it is good to follow the recommendation on the tag which suggests feeding 1½ pounds to 2 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight per day. In other words, if your horse weighs 1,000 pounds he/she should be worked up to 15 to 18 pounds per day and then adjust according to the condition of the horse. However, be careful not to fed less than 1% of your horse’s body weight per day in total forage, whether that is Stable Mix alone or combined with hay. This is vital for maintaining healthy gut function. Ideally horses should be fed at least three times a day, however this can be hard to achieve and the majority of horses appear to do fine being fed twice a day.

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9. Do I need to add supplements?

No, not if you are feeding Stable Mix at an amount as recommended by our feed calculator. In fact adding mineral and vitamin products to Stable Mix may negatively impact the overall balance in the diet and should only be done with the input of a trained equine nutritionist. However, if your horse is a hardworking sporthorse, working ranch horse or is a hard keeper then it is possible that they will need a source of more concentrated calories in their diet. It is good to start by increasing the amount of Stable Mix™ and determine if that will help. If the horse is unable to maintain condition with the extra Stable Mix, you may consider adding Ultra Mate, which is designed to be fed with Stable Mix products and contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Omega 3 fatty acids.

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10. My horse eats grain or pellets very fast, what can I do to slow him/her down?

If you observe your horse eating too quickly, place a couple of small mineral blocks or large cobblestones in his feeder to force him to slow down and have to hunt a little for the feed.

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11. What is so important about the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio?

The ratio is very important for the maintenance of healthy bone. The ratio of 1.5 to 2.0 of Calcium to 1 of Phosphorus produces the best results in horses. It can vary in this range, but if the ratio is for example is 5:1 for a long period of time, the horses ability to utilize other minerals can be affected which can cause deficiencies and structural problems. Just a typical ration of pasture grass is usually deficient in Calcium and a heavy diet of alfalfa is too high in Calcium. No need to worry if you are feeding Stable Mix™, it is balanced within the proper range!

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12. Is Stable Mix™ Certified Weed Free for use in regional, state and federal parks?

Yes, it is certified by the State of California as weed free and is an acceptable feed for use in regional, state and federal parks.

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13. How long does it take to switch my horse over to a complete Stable Mix™ diet?

It is best to increase the amount of Stable Mix™ over the course of 7 to 10 days by a couple of pounds a day until you reach the recommended amount based on the weight of the horse.

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14. Can I burn Stable Mix™ in my pellet stove?


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15. Can Stable Mix™ be fed to other animals safely?

Stable Mix™ can be fed to horses, cattle and/or goats. DO NOT feed to sheep. The copper levels are designed for horses, cattle and goats daily needs and could be toxic to sheep.

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16. What are the NSC values for Stable Mix feed?

Stable Mix, average NSC, 21.71%
Senior Mix, average NSC, 17.33%
Sport Horse Mix, average NSC 18.07%
Stable Mix Lite, NSC below 11%
Futurity, average NSC, 24.75%
GetGo, average NSC, 15%

We suggest if you have concerns about NSC values or have a horse at-risk for metabolic syndrome(s), consider trying our Stable Mix Lite. Our Lite feed NSC values are monitored closely and regulated to be under 11% total NSC. Our other feeds, while still lower in NSCs than most typical horse feeds available, can range and are not controlled as not all horses require or can have a low NSC diet for their life stage/activity level.

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17. I am a retailer, what is your coupon redemption policy?

Coupons are redeemable by a retailer when they are presented by a consumer purchasing the brand, size, quantity, and variety of products indicated on the coupon, on a date before the coupon’s expiration date. The face value of the coupon will be deducted from the retailer’s current selling price. The consumer will pay any applicable sales tax.

Each coupon can be redeemed for one purchase only. Multiple Elk Grove Milling, Inc., coupons can not be combined towards the purchase of a single item. Coupons are not redeemable by consumers for cash, even if the face value of the coupon exceeds the retailer’s sales price. Coupon reproductions cannot be redeemed and will not be honored or reimbursed by Elk Grove Milling, Inc. Coupons can only be redeemed by authorized Elk Grove Milling, Inc. dealers/retailers, or through an authorized dealer’s clearinghouse.

Please send properly redeemed coupons to: Elk Grove Milling, Inc. 8320 Eschinger Road Elk Grove CA, 95757. Please include your address, as well as the store name and store number where each coupon was redeemed (where applicable).

For each properly redeemed coupon, Elk Grove Milling, Inc. will reimburse the retailer or their clearinghouse for the face value of the coupon. Postage and handling are the responsibility of the retailer.

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