Ambers Angels

Hi, this is Ambers Angels, we are a Rescue and Riding Academy for children with and without special needs that provides horse interaction Therapy. On the Rescue side, when horses come in, we love Stable Mix because it is a great source of balanced nutrients for them. 

Feeding Stable Mix is great for my program because I can go and order 3 barrels and it provides for my 10 horses for a long period of time. It is also easy for my kids to feed.


Equine Harmony Rescue

We founded Equine Harmony Rescue & Rehab, a 501(c)3 non-profit horse rescue EIN:82-5211037, in 2018 in the hopes of rescuing and rehabilitating horses, donkeys and mules bound for slaughter. Most of those equines are neglected and in very poor health. We rehabilitate and provide quality care necessary for each equine to have the best chance of leading a healthy and full life. After rehabilitation our goal is to find a forever home through our adoption process. We want families who adopt our rescues to love and care for the equines as we would.

The rescue has anywhere from 12 to 18 horses at one time.  We have started feeding the Stable Mix and Senior Mix into their diets and love that it’s weed free and is a quality feed. Equine Harmony Rescue & Rehab is very excited and appreciative to Elk Grove Milling for becoming a supporter of the rescue.

Project R.I.D.E.

Project R.I.D.E. Inc. offers therapeutic recreational horseback riding instruction to over 600 riders annually with disabilities and special needs including Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, sensory issues, Asperger’s, wheelchair bound clients and so many others across 10 counties in the Sacramento Region. Our goal is to improve physical, emotional, and social functioning through participation in a highly structured and safe program. Riders’ interaction with carefully selected and trained horses improves their balance, posture, flexibility, sensory awareness, and endurance, in addition to increasing confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, motivation, attention span, and integration with non-disabled peers. Our program certainly has therapeutic benefits, but it is recreational in nature and is meant to be a fun activity that aligns with the goals of other therapeutic interventions.

Over a period of 25+ years, Elk Grove Milling has been feeding our horse herd Regular and Senior Stable Mix. The highest number of horses in our herd has been 27, the least, 14. From Quarter Horses to Paints to Morgans to Fjords, Elk Grove Milling feed has provided our herd with nutritional value for our varied needs.